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The market share of waterborne architectural coatings in the next five years will reach 20%.

2019-07-29 21:01

In recent years, China's paint industry has developed rapidly, becoming the largest paint producer in the world. However, the environmental protection of coatings products has always been a topic of concern in the industry, which is in sharp contrast with the rapid development of the coatings industry. Water-borne coatings in China have been developing for nearly a decade. It is always tepid and the road of development is slightly long. There is a big gap with foreign water-borne coatings, especially in building coatings. The field is more obvious. In fact, the reason for this situation is not the problem of consumption ability, but the lack of understanding of the lacquer by consumers. At present, besides the well-known products such as Dulux and Libang, the real national brand or regional brand has not really entered the minds of consumers, but there is a certain gap between low-end consumers and high-end products, which has affected the promotion of water-based paint.


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