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lftBusiness philosophy:Science and technology is the foundation and quality is the first.
Enterprise philosophy: technology-based, quality first;

Enterprise vision: strive to build a national paint leading brand, so that the flag of the Louvre Tower flying around the world;

Enterprise spirit: colorful life, beautiful life, honor sharing, paint the whole world;

Enterprise mission: to add color to the construction projects of China and even the world;
Enterprise Employment: Know people and make good use of them, make the best use of their talents, take virtue as the first, and only take advantage of them.
Enterprise management: high quality, credibility and service;
Enterprise service: profit comes first, responsibility comes first.
Corporate Advertising: Louvre Tower. Beautify your home. Louvre Tower Wall Beautician - Create a high standard of wall skin care;
Enterprise slogan: Our enterprise - Louvre Tower, our goal - endless.
Our action - go ahead! Forward! Forward!
Enterprise values: incorporate the pursuit of employees and the growth of customers into the long-term development of enterprises;
Enterprise quality policy: quality-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, product quality, customer satisfaction.

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