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Brief Analysis of Four Developing Trends of Coatings Industry

2019-07-29 21:28

At present, there are several future trends in the coatings industry as a whole:
1. The market prospects of painting industry with very low residential consumption are huge
. China's annual per capita consumption of furniture is still relatively low. According to statistics, the average annual consumption of furniture in the United States is 236 US dollars, in Germany 371 US dollars, and in Japan 255 US dollars, while in China it is about 12 US dollars, only less than 5% in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Especially in the second and third-tier markets, the vast rural market furniture occupancy rate is lower. The number of people who actually buy complete sets of furniture and sit on sofas in China is less than 400 million, only over 300 million. This shows that two-thirds of the people have not used our modern furniture yet. This brings great opportunities for the further development of the furniture industry and also makes the prospect of the paint industry tremendous.

2. Powder coatings or market trend
The global demand for environmental protection is a major driving force for the development of powder coatings. As manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce VOC, powder coatings naturally replace liquid coatings in some areas. Powder coatings have low VOC content and easy removal. Oversprayed coatings can be recycled and reused. After construction, the coatings do not produce pinholes, which is usually easier to construct than liquid coatings, and the durability of the coatings is good. Environmental and technological advantages are the key to replace liquid coatings with powder coatings.
3. Increase the competitiveness of the industry and start the brand power of enterprises < br />. It has successfully passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and has been recognized by experts. The research results of this project have reached the international advanced level. Many new polyurethane technologies, wood coatings and furniture coatings made with these new technologies are not only more environmentally friendly than traditional nitrocellulose coatings, but also meet the market demand for high-performance coatings.

LumogenBlack and Sicopal Black are heat-insulating pigments. They can be used in roof-to-container coatings and plastic parts because of their special properties, such as the advantages of reflective function in the near infrared wavelength range.
4. Waterborne Wood Paint Develops into Industry Trend
. Many furniture in waterborne wood paints, especially board furniture, are still using formaldehyde in the production process, as well as odorous and non-environmental paint. With the enhancement of consumers'awareness of health and green consumption, upgrade and replacement of furniture products has become a trend, and the development of formaldehyde-free and pollution-free environmentally friendly furniture will become a trend. A mainstream trend of industry development. With the progress of the times, after long-term education and guidance to consumers, consumers'awareness of environmental protection and healthy home furnishings is increasing day by day. Potential market demand for water-borne wood coatings will grow rapidly. Water-borne wood coatings, as upgrading products of oil-borne wood coatings, have achieved environmental protection in technology. The huge gap between supply and demand in the market has begun to attract some powerful manufacturers to participate in it. From the development trend of paint market, waterborne wood paint will become an important trend of furniture and home painting.

Summary: At present, for the paint industry, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. At present, it is on the way. How can we make our enterprises more powerful? We must seriously seize the development trend of the paint industry.


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